Jason Crandell - Yoga Teacher - How To Become a Traveling Yoga Teacher, the Pros/Cons

Jason Crandell - Yoga Teacher  (How To Become a Traveling Yoga Teacher, the Pros/Cons)

Kim Sin - Corporate Yoga Business Owner - How to Get Corporate Yoga Teaching Gigs

Corporate Yoga Business Owner - Kim will be talking about how to get corporate yoga clients and how to build it into a business.

Robyn & Angeline - Founders Of OKIINO Apparel - How to sell yoga merchandise.

Robyn and Angline, Founders of OKIINO share tips on selling yoga merchandise.

Samuel Henderson - Yoga Photographer - How to take phenomenal yoga photos! 

Yoga Photography Tips! Samuel regularly takes photos for yoga teachers, Athleta, Okiino and yoga journal.

Crystal Higgins - Yoga Marketing Consultant - Marketing tips for Yoga Teachers.

Crystal shares marketing tips that have helped her yoga teacher clients.

Andrea Ferretti - Yogaland Podcast Founder - How to create your own podcast!

Andrea Ferretti talk about creating a podcast, content tips, pro and cons of working with this medium!

Joshua Cooper - Accountant for Yoga Teachers  - Handling Your Finances/Taxes as a Yoga Teacher

Joshua Cooper - Financial Advisor/Accountant for Yoga Teachers  (Handling Your Finances/Taxes as a Yoga Teacher) 

Michelle Fliegauf - Yoga Retreat Business Owner - How to Lead Solid Yoga Retreats!

Michelle Fliegauf is the founder of International Yoga Retreat Company! We talk about creating, marketing and leading yoga retreats!

Leslie Perryman - Grokker Film Director - How to get hired by online yoga/fitness companies.

Leslie shares her experience in hiring yoga and fitness instructors for Grokker, an online yoga/fitness platform.

Laurel Haslem - Yoga Studio Manager - Managing yoga studios.

Tips on how to successful manage yoga studios and what to look for when hiring a studio manager.


I'm honored to have been a guest speaker along with amazing teachers such as Annie Carpenter, Rod Stryker, Kia Miller, and Micheline Berry on Amy McDonald's Business of Yoga Speaker Series 3 ! We shared our knowledge on how to create solid, successful yoga careers. I spoke about crafting a fantastic yoga resume/cover letter, hiring yoga teachers/getting hired as a yoga teacher, the do's and don'ts for leading retreats and more! If you missed it, click here to see listen to all the speakers! 

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I work with new and seasoned teachers in building successful yoga careers. Email me for a free 30-minute consultation. 


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